Advanced Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process

The Advanced Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process is open to past participants in the Advanced Clergy Clinic, those who have previously attended the basic Clergy Clinic, or, those who can document their background in Bowen family systems theory via an application process.

The Advanced Clergy Clinic meets three times per year for three successive days each time, in the Chicagoland area, providing nine full days days of reflection on the concepts of family emotional process.

Like the Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process, Advanced Clergy Clinic has two primary components:

  • Input and discussion based on family systems theory, and,
  • Presentation of case studies by participants. The program will enhance the ability of participants to function as self-differentiated leaders in their ministry setting.

Here are the dates for the
2017-2018 Advanced Clergy Clinic:

October 16-18, 2017

February 5-7, 2018

April 9-11, 2018

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  • The first day each time is largely didactic, including input from a guest presenter who is a significant leader in the field of Bowen theory and related areas.
  • The afternoon of the second day is clinical in format. Participants will divide into small groups to explore their own family of origin issues, under the guidance of an experienced family systems practitioner.
  • The mornings of the second and third days are also didactic, with input from the clinic faculty and video input from Dr. Murray Bowen, Dr. Edwin Friedman, and others.
  • The final afternoon each time is given to presentations of congregational case studies by participants, followed by feedback, discussion, and consultation.