Presbyterian Church, USA

Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders

Presented by the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center

Many presbyteries and synods of the Presbyterian Church (USA), have regularly sent Committee on Ministry members and other staff and leaders to LMPC’s Mediation Skills Training Institute.

Several synods and presbyteries have hosted an institute through the years, including the following:

  • 2001 — Synod of the Rocky Mountains, PC(USA) — 42 attended
  • 2004 — Presbytery of Great Rivers, PC(USA) — 26 attended
  • 2005 — Presbytery of Middle Tennessee, PC(USA) — 34 attended
  • 2006 — Synod of Lakes and Prairies, PC(USA) — 14 attended
  • 2007 — Synod of the Southwest, PC(USA) — 44 attended
  • 2007 — Mid-Kentucky Presbytery, PC(USA) — 30 attended
  • 2008 — Presbytery of New York City — 42 attended
  • 2009 — Synod of Mid-America, PC(USA) — 31 attended
  • 2012 — Presbytery of Carlisle, PC(USA) — 31 attended
  • 2013 — Presbytery of Hudson River, PC(USA) — 21 attended
  • 2014 — Presbytery of Arkansas, PC(USA) — 32 attended
  • 2014 — Presbytery of Northern Plains, PC(USA) — 24 attended
  • 2016 — Northeast Synod, PC(USA) — 42 attended

The idea of hosting a Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders would be relevant for Judicatory offices which are interested in infusing the vision for conflict transformation throughout the entire church system.

You should do this! It equips for a desperately needed service for congregations, individuals and others in the church.”

An effective model of mediation because it involves both issues and feelings, viewpoints and values, head and heart.” -Comments of Presbytery Executives, Presbyterian Church, USA

Cited by another Presbytery Executive who attended as

absolutely a must for any church… every church,” the Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders can also be hosted by your Synod or Presbytery.”


Benefits Include:

  • Training a large group of people to be available to serve on a Judicatory-wide mediation team: to provide mediation services to churches embroiled in high intensity conflict and to provide training resources to churches interested in preventing destructive conflict.
  • Providing a valuable continuing education opportunity for your pastors in a location that is more accessible to them than sending them to one of the Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders coordinated each year by LMPC.

If you would like to explore the idea of hosting a Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders, you may call LMPC at 630-627-0507; ask for Richard Blackburn, LMPC Executive Director.