Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for one of your events?

To register online, go to our Events and Online Registration page. Registration brochures are also available for download from the Home Page of our website, under Current Brochures. You can also request a registration brochure by calling 630-627-0507 or emailing LMPC at Admin@LMPeaceCenter.org.


After I attend LMPC’s Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders (MSTI), am I certified?

While there is no formal certification process for church mediators, we do give a certificate documenting the 32 hours of mediation training completed. This can be shown to an organization that is requesting the certification.


Do I have to first attend Mediation Skills Training Institute before I can attend Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process?

No, that isn’t necessary; basically, each event stands on its own.  Yet, although you can benefit from taking Clergy Clinic with or without having first taken MSTI, many people find that Clergy Clinic provides very useful follow-up to the training previously received in MSTI.


Do I have to attend Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process to attend Advanced Clergy Clinic in Family EmotionalProcess?

LMPC offers an “entry level” program entitled Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process. It meets three times a year for three days each time, in order to make it accessible to people traveling from afar. The Clergy Clinic is a one-year program, which presents the basics of Bowen Family Systems Theory. The Advanced Clergy Clinic in Family  Emotional Process is open to past participants of the basic Clergy Clinic or the Advanced Clergy Clinic, and to those who have documented for LMPC a substantial background in Bowen family systems theory.


The life and ministry of a pastor can be unpredictable.  What if I am registered for an event, but at the last minute I can’t attend?

Each event (MSTI, Clergy Clinic, Advanced Clergy Clinic, and workshops) has its specific guidelines and timeline for handling cancellations, which can be found in the event’s brochure.  In general,  a time is given in the brochure of a deadline, up until when a registrant can cancel and receive a refund, minus an administration fee.  For the MSTI, a cancellation made within two weeks of the event receives a refund of half the registration fee.  For Clergy Clinic and Advanced Clergy Clinic, an administration fee is deducted from the refund, until closer to the event; then, half of the registration fee is refunded.


Can LMPC come to my church / organization and present a workshop?

Yes! Call LMPC at 630-627-0507 or email LMPC at Admin@LMPeaceCenter.org and speak with Richard Blackburn, Executive Director, about the needs of your church/organization. The workshops listed on the workshop page are available to be presented to your group. Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders is also available to judicatories and other groups.

I am a schoolteacher. Do you have any resources that I can use?

Yes! We have a book and video library for you to use as well as book resources available for purchase. We also offer conflict transformation training for administrators, teachers, and students. We have provided training and consultation for a number of schools to assist in the development of peer mediation programs. You can also contact us at 630-627-0507 or email us at Admin@LMPeaceCenter.org for more information.


As a Mennonite organization, do you only work with Mennonites?

The Lombard Mennonite Peace Center grounds its approach to peacemaking in a biblical view of discipleship as understood in the Anabaptist tradition. We began as a ministry of a local Mennonite congregation and are associated with the broader Mennonite Church bodies. However, we are an independent non-profit organization with staff of various denominations. Indeed, we work with, and encourage, all denominations in their peacemaking efforts. Our training, education and consultation work is done in the context of working with churches of all denominations, as well as with schools, businesses and other interested groups.


I would like to help spread the word about LMPC workshops and training events. How can I help?

Call or email the LMPC offices and let us know how many brochures you need and when you would like them. If you would like to receive the same amount of brochures on a regular basis, please let us know.


I would like to support the work of the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center. How can I make a donation to LMPC?

Thank you for your dedication to peace! You can donate by check or credit card.  If you wish to donate by check, write the check out to “Lombard Mennonite Peace Center,” and mail it to: Lombard Mennonite Peace Center, 101 W. 22nd Street, Suite 206; Lombard, IL  60148.  To donate by credit card, you can make a safe and secure donation on our website, via PayPal.  There is a “Donate” link at the top of the website, and also in the bottom footer.  Also, some of our donors have included LMPC in their foundation giving or estate planning.