Mediation Skills Training Institute


Whether in the home, school, community, church or workplace conflict is an inevitable part of life. Having the skills to function effectively in emotionally intense, conflicted situations is important for all of us, especially those of us who are leaders.The Lombard Mennonite Peace Center has trained hundred of church leaders from a wide range of denominations in the skills that are needed to deal with conflict in the church setting through its Mediation Skills Training Institute. The Mediation Skills Training Institute equips people for working in various conflicted situations, including church disputes.

Participants learn about:

  • Biblical foundations-finding renewal in conflict.
  • Individual styles of response to conflict.
  • Win-win negotiation skills.
  • Skills to mediate conflict between individuals.
  • Tools to effectively manage congregational conflict.
  • Skills for serving as an outside consultant to conflicted churches.

The institute includes lectures, discussion, and guided practice in role-plays. Active and practical in focus, the sessions emphasize hands-on skills training and real-life role-plays based on the kinds of conflicts faced by participants.

If you want to register for an upcoming MSTI, click on the “Online Registration” button or click on “Registration Brochure” button to download a printable brochure.   For dates and locations of upcoming MSTIs, see the Calendar of Events on the right side of the page.  LMPC is also available to present the Mediation Skills Training Institute in your location upon the invitation of a hosting group.  Typically, such groups include denominational or judicatory bodies interested in training a large number of people to be available to their churches as mediators and trainers in conflict transformation.


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Here’s a sample of what past participants have said about the institute:

  • “The best and most thorough model for mediation with individuals and congregations that I have experienced in more than three decades of ordained ministry.” – Lutheran Bishop
  • “Well worth your investment of self as well as resources.” – Episcopal Bishop
  • “One of the very best, most practical learning events of my life!”

Churches of all denominations have found the value of hosting the Mediation Skills Training Institute. Click to read testimonies from members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) or the United Methodist Church who have hosted this event.