Healthy Congregations Facilitator Training Institute

Healthy Congregations Facilitator Training Institute

Outcome of this training event:

Upon completion of the Healthy Congregations Facilitator Training Institute and all follow-up assignments, participants of this event will be authorized to present the Healthy Congregations workshop for congregations and other groups. Those attending the training will receive Dr. Peter Steinke’s Healthy Congregations workshop materials, including video components, and supplemental workshop materials developed by the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center (LMPC). Those who successfully complete the training and follow-up assignments will then be authorized to order manuals for participants attending workshops led by trained facilitators.

About “Healthy Congregations”

For several years, the Healthy Congregations workshop has provided congregations, clergy, and others with a new way of thinking about the functioning of churches and their leaders. Designed by Dr. Peter Steinke, Healthy Congregations has helped both clergy and lay leaders expand their insight into how churches function as emotional systems.
The Healthy Congregations workshop uses the insights of family systems theory originally developed by Dr. Murray Bowen and popularized among church leaders by Dr. Edwin Friedman, author of Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue.

Friedman noted that in many congregations today negative, reactive forces are allowed to set the agenda for the church. The Healthy Congregations workshop is designed to equip leaders to respond to the presence or potential threat of anxiety in a congregational system in ways that prevent destructive conflict and help the church stay focused on its unique mission and purpose.

Participant Prerequisites

Participants will have attended a Healthy Congregations workshop led by LMPC staff, as well as LMPC’s Clergy Clinic or Advanced Clergy Clinic in Family Emotional Process.